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Homeless Veterans Project


We will get one Veteran off the street in the next 30 days with your help. Purchase any item from our store, and all profits go to that effort! We need $5,000 dollars to get him/her set up in an apartment and provide initial supplies such as food, as well as basic furniture. We cannot do this without you!! Mr. Trump loves the Vets, and so do we, so please, donate $5.00 or $10.00 dollars today. You can send directly to the Coalition For Trump's Pay Pal account via our email, coalitionfortrump@gmail.com, or use the convenient Paypal Donate button below.

(NOTE: We are currently in the process of setting up a 501(c)(3) organization for our community outreach efforts and once completed, donations will be tax deductible)

PROJECT: Helping Homeless Vets Get Off the Street…..One Vet at a Time!

• Get homeless Vets off the street immediately – may involve initially putting up in a hotel. Help in the short term!
• Make sure Vets are hooked up to local services (Other Non-Profits and Churches) that have existing homeless programs to address their ongoing short term needs. Our goal would be to help them with this process, and fill the gaps as needed.
• Long term – help get Vets into affordable housing, and supplied with basic furniture/supplies needed.
• Long term – help get Vets into a job situation with the goal for them to become self-sufficient.
• Long term – stay involved in the Vets life with regular check in’s on how they are doing so they have a long term support system of friends who love/care about them!
• Bring back the Conservative Values that our Vets are everything and America owes them everything! Everyone should RESPECT the UNIFORM!


Donations are also appreciated! 

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