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Limited Edition 2017 President Trump Inaugural Commemorative Coin

Limited Edition 2017 President Trump Inaugural Commemorative Coin


Product Description

This Limited Edition 2017 President Trump

Inaugural Commemorative marks the “GRAND FINALE” of arguably the most historic and contentious election in United States history. The Revolutionary Mint is proud to commemorate this unprecedented and historical event and hopes you enjoy the painstaking work and detail in our 2017 Presidential Inauguration Medallion.

The Revolutionary Mint spared no expense in creating this Historic Presidential Inauguration Commemorative. Mintages this small are considered quite small and are expensive to manufacture due to large initial set-up costs that don`t get spread over larger volumes of coins.


39mm Diameter Heavy Nickel-Silver with 24 karat gold plating.
Highly Polished Premium Quality with beautiful reflective Finishes.
Individually Numbered Medallions (Engraved into the edges of each coin).
Individually Numbered High Quality Card-Stock Certificates that Match Each Coin`s Edge-Marked Serial Number.
Obverse Details Include the Following Text; “AMERICA`S 45TH PRESIDENT” ~ “DONALD J. TRUMP” ~”JAN 20th 2017″ ~ “HISTORY IS MADE” ~ as well as the text “LTD. EDITION OF 5,000 MINTED”.
In Addition, The Obverse Text is Surrounded By 45 Stars, One for Each of Our Nations Presidents.
The Reverse Provides a Three Dimensional Detailed “SEAL OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES”.
Packaged in Attractive Presentation Boxes or Stands.
Additional Certificate Inside each Box or With Each Stand (Two Certificates With Each Medallion).

We commissioned some of the most experienced and reputable coin designers, sculptors and die makers in the United States to design and layout the artwork, sculpt the plasters and manufacture our dies. Our graphic artists have designed numerous coins for the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, PAMP, Provident Metals, Great American Mint, Perth Bullion, Shetland Bullion, and numerous other mints and dealers around the world. Our die makers have been manufacturing dies for the coin industry for more than 40 years and are some of the most experienced die makers in the business. The SEAL OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES on the reverse required an extremely detailed three dimensional sculpt on plaster. Our master sculptor required three weeks to create the plaster that was subsequently used to manufacture the three dimensional metal dies necessary to mint the highly detailed Presidential Seal.



Not only is every coin individually numbered, but every coin is edge-marked with a historical and appropriate quote from Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and one of our nation`s Founding Fathers (and 3rd President).


It is certainly apparent that Mr. Trump stirred many emotions and “waves” during the tumultuous 2016 election against Hillary Rodham Clinton. And it is certain that at this time in our nation`s history, the “Sea of Liberty” has become quite boisterous and stormy indeed. This historical quote is individually engraved through special edge-marking equipment operated by skilled technicians.


Edge-marking makes use of a space typically left for coin ridges. There are reasons it is rare to see edge-marking on coins and medallions;

Edge-marking requires more money, more labor, and specialized equipment. Dies are used to make the obverse (front) and reverse (back) of coins and medallions. By adding edge-marking, the die costs increase by almost 50%. Edge-marking requires a third die be designed and manufactured for special edge engravings. Edge-marking is a labor-intensive process as each coin must be placed and removed individually into the edge-marking equipment in a precise position or the coin will be ruined (and scrapped). The time requirement to mint a coin or medallion with edge-marking more than doubles since the edges cannot be engraved until after the coin has been fully coined (minted) with both the obverse and reverse designs.

Few mints own edge-marking equipment or have skilled engravers to handle the tedious process.
It is even more rare to see TWO (2) edge-markings on any coin or medallion.

These medallions have a second edge-marking with the coin`s serial number engraved (0001 – 5000). Our engravers had to handle every coin by hand a second time utilizing a different engraving machine which required additional skill and precision. Each coin`s serial number was applied after the coin was fully minted and after the first edge marking (Thomas Jefferson quote) was engraved.


The coin`s limited edition is evidenced on the obverse of each medallion with the following:


This text can be located on the lower half of the obverse side of each beautiful Inaugural Commemorative.


These medallions were minted on premium quality highly burnished blanks. These blanks were hand selected and only the cleanest and brightest blanks qualified for the Trump Inaugural Commemorative. Not only are the blanks the highest quality, they were run completely by hand with no mechanized feeding into the minting press. No chance can be taken that the blanks or fully struck medallions can touch any metal object and therefore obtain blemishes that would disqualify them from the high quality demanded by Revolutionary Mint. These Trump Presidential Inauguration Medallions were all minted on highly polished blanks and were each hand-fed and struck not once but 2-3 times. Each strike utilized more than 200 tons of pressure to ensure deep and defined fields and surfaces.



Each President Trump Inaugural medallion comes with a high quality Certificate of Authenticity. Each certificate is numbered with the same serial number as each coin. These are large significant certificates on heavy card-stock quality paper. They include information concerning the limited edition and your individual medallion.


Chose between beautiful display boxes or attractive desk stands (your option). We looked high and low to find high quality and economical displays for the 45th Presidential Inauguration Medallions. We offer two ways to display the medallions, an attractive black presentation box with two ribbons; one ribbon is used to easily remove the medallion to view the reverse and a second ribbon is used to hold an additional certificate for presentation purposes. We also offer a dark “smokey” plastic stand that displays your medallion upright on a desk, shelf or cabinet. Please confirm the stand or box with your order.


Revolutionary Mint is proud to commemorate this unprecedented and historical Presidential Inauguration. We hope you enjoy your collectable medallions and will pass them on to generations that will read about this historical period and election in United States History books.


“The Revolutionary Mint”

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